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October 2019

Hi everyone!   My last book in the Elsie Pickles series is now out! It’s called Witch In Winter and is number four in the series. I have put a cardboard box in my office, right near the cat flap. Heathcliff and Jeremy both love it and argue about who is going to use it. […]

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My Third Blog

Well, this blog’s going to be short. For a start, it took me ages to log in because I am such an almighty thick head about this sort of stuff. (Technical things, I mean. ) But I’ve finally done it and will now depress anyone out there who is fool enough to read this by […]

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Me Again!

Hello anyone out there,   It’s me again, blogging away! In London, it’s been hot, hot, hot! Heathcliff and Jeremy are fed up with it now – they spend all day zonked out on armchairs or under bushes. Most of the time I feel like joining them – but we have made ourselves go for […]

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My wonderful first blog

This is me writing my first ever blog! I wonder if anyone will read it? I shall keep it brief as it’s my first go at this.  The good news is that I have finished Book 4 of my four book Witch series, about Elsie Pickles who is training to be a witch. The first […]

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