Hi everyone!


It’s been a while since I blogged. I’ve been busy doing boring jobs around the house and reading a lot. Being locked down is not much fun in winter. I’m writing another story about Pongwiffy, because I like escaping to her crazy world from time to time. Reading and writing is my way of getting through all the dreary days. I hope you have found a creative outlet – painting or drawing or cooking or playing an instrument and making things with your hands? Of course, you are hopefully going to school and having fun there – but if not, try and make sure you fill in the hours by doing something you enjoy.  I have started Tweeting, which to my surprise is proving enjoyable – I’ve heard from old friends and made new ones.

Both cats – Heathcliff and Jeremy – are snuggling up near radiators and asking for more food because winter makes them hungrier!

I’ve also been feeding nuts to the squirrels in the park. One of them is getting really tame. Sometimes the crows come to eat as well. They are very clever at opening the shells with their beaks.

Bye bye ’til the next time!


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