Hello, everyone!

What a funny old world it is with this horrible virus spoiling life for everybody. I have been doing loads of reading, and I hope you have too. I’ve also been writing quite a bit, and am very pleased as I have had three new picture book stories accepted. They won’t be coming out until the year after next – 2022 – but it’s lovely to have them in the pipeline.  They are about two frogs, a duck and a dinosaur. If you are a young person, I guess you will be going back to school in September. It will seem very strange, I think – but I bet you can’t wait to see your friends.

I hope the last three months haven’t been too awful for you. This will all end eventually, so we mustn’t let it get us down.

Lots of love from me. I will try to write again before too long. I always leave a long time between blogs – I don’t even know if anyone reads them, so sometimes it’s hard to be motivated.


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