Most Popular Books

Most Popular Books


Three Singing Pigs

(Music book –Published by A&C Black)

A collection of children’s favourite stories packed with ideas for making music.

These familiar stories are intertwined with songs to sing, parts for percussion, raps to clap and ideas for composition. Through them children learn to use and understand the elements of music.



Pass The Jam, Jim

(Picture book – published by

A children’s party is a fine place for masses of mayhem and madness. And no one has time to keep an eye on Jim, a toddler whose sticky antics add to the muddle.



I Don’t Like Gloria

(Picture book – published by Walker)

Why didn’t anyone ask Colin the dog  if it was all right to bring Gloria the cat home? Now Colin has to live with Gloria – and to make matters worse, she eats from his bowl, sleeps in his basket and gets all the attention.

Colin will never like Gloria, and will never share anything with her… or will he?



Stomp, Chomp, Big Roars, Here Come The Dinosaurs

(Picture book – published by Puffin)

Roaringly noisy rhymes all about dinosaur games, dinosaur roars and more. Illustrated by award winning Nick Sharratt.



Yo Ho Ho, A-Pirating We’ll Go

(Picture book – published by Puffin)

I want to be a pirate,
It’s a pirate’s life for me!
I’ll wear a skull-and-crossbones hat
And sail the salty sea!

Sail away with five little pirates in search of treasure and adventure… before coming safely home for tea!

Illustrated by award winning Nick Sharratt.



My Very First Joke Book

(Published by Puffin)

If you love telling jokes to your friends and family, here are sixty jokes just of you. They are easy to read and easy to remember, with really funny pictures to keep you giggling.



The Snow Queen

(Musical for schools – published by A&C Black)

Kaye is swept into the Snow Queen’s icy sleigh and stolen away ot her frozen palace. Gerda, his best friend, sets out on a brave journey to rescue him.


Book –photocopyable  script with performance licence; staging suggestions and costume ideas; no-fuss application for performance licence.

CD/enhanced CD – with performances of all songs; backing track for all songs; music to accompany dance and dramatic action. Complete with Files of: piano vocal score; acting games for developing confident performers; composition activities; and dance suggestions.



The Night I Was Chased By A Vampire and other stories

(Four spooky, rhyming stories – published by Orion)

Ghosts haunt an abandoned fairground, while hungry trolls hide in the shadows. An empty suit of armour isn’t quite as empty as you thought, and vampires lie in wait in crumbling castles.



Clover Twig And The Incredible Flying Cottage

(Novel – published by Bloomsbury)

“Clover Twig stood at the garden gate, staring in at the witch’s cottage. The windows were like black eyes – small, dark and sunken. Ivy drooped over them like hooded eyelids.”

Clover Twig is clever, neat and responsible. Her chaotic and loveable family could really do with some extra money, so when she sees a sign saying

‘Wanted Storng Gril to Cleen. Appy Mrs Eckles Cottage in the Woods’

Clover knows this is the job for her – even though Mrs Eckles is (perhaps) a witch, the gate (which can talk) is very rude and the cottage in the woods can – well – fly…