My Third Blog

Well, this blog’s going to be short. For a start, it took me ages to log in because I am such an almighty thick head about this sort of stuff. (Technical things, I mean. ) But I’ve finally done it and will now depress anyone out there who is fool enough to read this by telling them that my poor husband has broken his hip, so we’re pretty housebound and haven’t done anything exciting apart from eat, sit in the garden and read. Well, I did get off my latest story to the publishers – it’s one of my fractured fairy tales, where you take a traditional story and tell it from another point of view. Looking forward to seeing what the editor thinks.


I wonder if you enjoyed the heat wave? It was nice in the back garden, but I’d like to have gone to the beach!


Now I need to think about what I want to write next. See you in a month or so.  Bet you can’t wait.


Yes, my husband is doing OK, if you’re kind enough to ask. See you in a month or so.

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