Pongwiffy (A Witch Of Dirty Habits)

My Best Known Work

This is a series about a smelly Witch called Pongwiffy. She lives at Number 1, Dump Edge – a hovel perched on the edge of a rubbish tip in the middle of Witchway Wood. She has a Hamster Familiar called Hugo and a best friend called Sharkadder. There are lots of odd characters in the books – Witches, Wizards, Skeletons, Trolls, Goblins – you name it, they live in Witchway Wood.

There are eight books about Pongwiffy and another two starring characters that live in her world (Crash and Bang and The Dreadful Dragon).

The series first came out with Puffin, with illustrations by Chris Smedley. Then Bloomsbury. With illustrations by Nick Price. And now, I’m delighted to say, Simon and Schuster are bringing all the books out again, with illustrations by Katy Riddell. They are coming out as three bind-ups. The first two come out in August 2017, the second two in January 2018 and the final three in April 2018. If you like funny fantasy these books are for you. Pongwiffy has a whole website all of her own.



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