Recent Publications

Recent Publications

REPUBLISHED PONGWIFFY STORIES (published by Simon and Schuster)



A bind-up edition of the first two books of the series – A Witch of Dirty Habits and The Goblins’ Revenge.




A bind-up edition of the second two books of the series – The Spell of the Year and the Holiday of Doom.




A bind-up edition of the final three books of the series – Pongwiffy and the Pantomime, The Spellovision Song Contest and Back on Track.


ADVENTURES OF ELSIE .PICKLES – a young would-be witch (published by Simon and Schuster)

witch for a week

Witch for a Week

The first of a new series. When Elsie Pickles offers to house-sit the mysterious home of local witch Magenta Sharp, she has no idea what she’s getting herself into. Left with a talking raven and a scruffy dog for company, a magical tower that has a mind of its own and a book of instructions called Everything You Need To Know, what could possibly go wrong?

View an animated trailer written by Simon & Schuster for the book, complete with a cute sound track



Wish for a Witch

Magenta needs Elsie’s help to save her magic licence and deal with a grumpy genie on the loose! Will it all prove too much for Elsie and her friends?



Witches (Un)Welcome

Magenta opens a new pop up magic shop called Sharp Spells – The Shop! down  the alleyway next to the Emporium.. Soon, the town is overrun by witches, much to the annoyance of the magic-hating people of Smallbridge. But maybe  a little bit of magic is just the thing Smallbridge needs?


Naughty Naughty Monster

Naughty Naughty Monster

(Published by Templar)

A picture book illustrated by Greg Abbott. Monster is on the rampage and it takes a very feisty Fairy to sort him out!


Algy’s Amazing Adventures

(Published by Orion)

Four Early Readers (stepping stones from picture books to reading books). Hidden away in Algy’s garden shed is a missing plank, providing access to other magical worlds.


Algy’s Amazing Adventures In The Jungle

It’s a huge leafy jungle where danger lurks around every corner. Is he brave enough to explore it?



Algy’s Amazing Adventures In The Arctic

It’s a snowy arctic place where anything can happen. And it does.



Algy’s Amazing Adventures At Sea

It’s a tropical island and a choppy sea, and Algy comes face to face with some angry pirates.



Algy’s Amazing Adventures In Space

Algy and his friends have an adventure on another planet and make friends with a robot and his dog.


Belinda and the Bears

(Published by Orion)

Four Early Readers. Belinda has unusual new neighbours!


The Porridge Project

The three bears are scared of little girls and they only eat porridge. It’s tricky being the only bears in the village. Can Belinda help?



The New Chair

Bears need chairs, but Baby’s is broken and Daddy can’t fix it. Can clever Belinda save the day?



Belinda And The Bears Go Shopping

Baby Bear has his very own room, but nothing to put in it. Can Belinda persuade the bears to go on a shopping trip?



Belinda And The Bears Go To School

It’s baby’s first day at school. Can Belinda help him settle in?


Re-Told Fairy Tales

(Dyslexia friendly re-telllings published by Barrington Stoke)

six fairy stories revised and retold in a funny way


The Stepsister’s Story

Lardine and Angula have a new Stepsister:Ella. She’s pretty, sweet and nice. In fact, she makes them sick. And they’re going to make sure she doesn’t go to the ball, marry the prince, or get her foot in that stupid shoe.
You know the story – but you’ve never heard it told like this.



The Queen’s Tale

Three things Snow White’s new stepmother is a fan of:

  1. shopping
  2. clothes
  3. being the Fairest in the Land

Three things Snow White’s new stepmother is NOT a fan of:

  1. Snow White
  2. Snow White
  3. Snow White

Teeth as white as snow, hair as black as ebony and lips as red as blood. How very last season. Snow white as got to go. It’s poison apple time.

This is Snow White as you’ve never read it before.



The Wickedest Witch In The World

Old Maggit reckons she’s got just the ticket to win the Wickedest Witch Contest. A house of sweets to tempt them and a big oven to roast them!

But Maggit was planning on catching some nice,well behaved children. She didn’t expect a pair of brats with an attitude problem.

It’s a case for Supernanny, but Maggit will just have to do.

This is Hansel and Gtetal as you’ve never read it before.



The 13th Fairy

Meet Grimbleshanks, the 13th Fairy. She’s mad. Hopping mad. Everyone else is invited to the royal christening – but not Grimbleshanks. Oh no, she would lower the tone.

And so, Grimbleshanks plans a little curse for the new baby…. But hey, what’s all this about princes, kisses and sleeping for 100 years? That wasn’t the plan.

This is Sleeping Beauty as you’ve never read it before.



The Villain’s Version

A bind-up of the four Retold Fairy Tales.




Prince Frog Face

Prince Valentine of Romantica is on the hunt for a girlfriend, Let the auditions begin! But something seems to have gone a little wrong. First, Prince Valentine was rude to the old woman. Then his blingtastic suit disappears. Now he seems to be down a well with a trio of singing toads. Pucker up for a big froggy kiss.

This is The Frog Prince as you’ve never read it before.



Bigger and Better

Violet lives in a land of giants. Her lumbering husband, her fusspot niece, and her best friend are all HUGE. But Vi loves kittens, dolls houses, thimbles and all manner of tiny things. Things like Tiddly Jack, who’s just climbed up the beanstalk into Vi’s kitchen and – only gone and stolen her husband’s gold!

This is Jack and the Beanstalk as you’ve never read it before.



The Knights of the Drop-Leaf Table

The knights are clanking around the castle, driving King Artie and Queen Gwinnie up the wall. The Queen thinks the knights really need a room of their own, with a round table. But that’s easier said than done….



The Knights and the Best Quest

The knights are on a quest. They’ve drawn up the rules and hit the road on their less than trusty steeds to prove who is  the best



TERRIBLE TALES FROM SCHOOL – included in the Oxford Reading Tree TreeTops Reflect: Oxford Level 16

Have you ever noticed that a story about something terrible that happened to them at school. Sports injuries, play disasters, escaped rabbits…..,well not me.


Noisy Books

(Musical Picture Books published by Harper Collins)

Three books with colourful, illustrations, funny songs and narration by me, complete with animal noises and music written and recorded by Stephen Chadwick – on a CD included with the book.


Three Little Pigs

Three little pigs sing themselves off down the road to build new homes. What a din they make with their straw, sticks and bricks and what a gale blows up when they won’t let the wolf in to their proud little houses.

Jolly songs performed by me and the piggies, inviting all the listeners to join in.



The Billy Goats Gruff

The Billy Goats Gruff find that their trip-trapping path to the whispering grass across the oozing river is ferociously interrupted by a ROAR!!. Someone’s eyeing up THEM for his breakfast.

Jolly songs performed by me and the billy goats, inviting all the listeners to join in.



Noisy Book – Little Red Hen

The little red hen finds a grain of wheat, but who will help her plant and grow it? To her friend’s lazy chorus of ‘WOOF MEOW QUACK QUACK – YAWN’ she stamps her feet with a ‘CLUCK CLUCK CLUCK’ and sets to work.

Jolly songs performed by me, a dog ,a cat and a duck, inviting all the listeners to join in.



Robin Hood

(A musical for schools published by Harper Collins)

A bow-slinging, arrow twanging, bull’s-eye of a musical. This is a tale of Lincoln Green tights, girl power and boy-band hero Robin.

Perfect for upper primary school performances, there are plenty of parts, large and small, and a full quiver of show-stealing songs.



Dodo Doo-Doo

(Picture book illustrated by Korky Paul- published by Hodder)

What really happened to the Dodo? – Fred’s on a Dodo hunt and he’s got all the answers, or has he?



Buster’s Big Surprise

(Early Reader published by Scholastic)

Buster Gutt is the biggest, baddest pirate who has ever sailed the seven seas. There is no food left on his ship. Hs crew are starving. Luckily an island is up ahead. But there is a big surprise waiting for the pirates too!


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