Teacher’s Resources

This section contains details of my work that can be used as Teachers’ Resources. This includes,Plays, Music Books, and Class Assemblies.

Music Books

The “Threes” Series (Published by Harper Collins )

Catchy songs and stories in ring bound form, written in fun style – ideal classroom material for all children of primary school age.


Three Singing Pigs – for 3 to 8 year olds

This baker’s dozen of traditional tales is a much-loved resource of musical fun through stories. Interweaving the stories are songs with familiar melodies and specially rewritten words which carry the action along. Instantly performable pieces of classroom magic. The music activities which accompany each story will be familiar in concept to everyone who uses A & C’s Music Express (link to book on Amazon). With its new Free downloadable lesson plans, teachers will be able to plan the stories into their music scheme of work.



Three Rapping Rats – for 7 to 11 year olds

A collection of musically stimulating favourite stories retold for older children. There are rapping rats and piping pipers, a sleepy princess, a trial of strength between the sun and wind …and much more. The musical development should lead to exciting performances and innovative composition.



Three Tapping Teddies – for 3 to 5 year olds

A music and literacy resource for Early Years. This work contains 15 lively chants and retold stories. It includes favorites such as “Goldilocks”, “Little Red Riding Hood”, “Pinocchio”, “Chicken Licken” and “Cinderella” – with musical development activities by Helen MacGregor.



Three Rocking Crocs – for 8 to 11 year olds

Traditional stories, retold with musical developments for classroom or assembly. Aimed at children at the top end of primary, the stories are well suited to the age level, and the musical developments are challenging, while never forgetting that they are for generalist teachers to deliver. The nine stories, which range from funny to downright scary, include “Beauty and the Beast”, “The Frog Prince”, “Theseus and the Minotaur”, “Dick Whittington” and “Baba Yaga”.



Phantasmagoria – for 8 to 12 year olds (Published by Harper Collins )

A collection of 33 original songs for children designed for use in the classroom, assembled into a journey through a land of mythical creatures, a ride through space and a night in a city of spooks. Staging ideas are provided together with simple piano accompaniments, second parts and guitar chords. The songs are accompanied by linking sound exploration ideas and can be combined to make three separate “productions”.




Robin Hood (A musical for schools published by Harper Collins)

A bow-slinging, arrow twanging, bull’s-eye of a musical.

The outlaws of Sherwood Forest have raided again and the evil Prince John plots a trap for Robin Hood: He will hold an archery contest and award a golden arrow – and a dungeon – to the winner. Robin’s eye-watering speed with his bow and arrow are legend, but as Maid Marian and Mensa the Wise Woman, suspect, it’s all slight of hand. Robin’s a truly terrible shot! So how can he win the prize, avoid the dungeon and – more importantly – keep his name intact?

The performance pack includes:

Book with: script; cast list and production overview; staging suggestions and costume ideas; photocopyable script and performance license; and pull-out piano/vocal score.
CD containing: rehearsal performances of all songs; performance backing tracks; and incidental music for scene changes.



The Snow Queen (Musical for schools – published by Harper Collins)

Kaye is swept into the Snow Queen’s icy sleigh and stolen away to her frozen palace. Gerda, his best friend, sets out on a brave journey to rescue him.


Book –photocopyable with performance licence; staging suggestions and costume ideas; no-fuss application for performance licence.

CD/enhanced CD – with performances of all songs; backing track for all songs; music to accompany dance and dramatic action. Complete with Files of: piano vocal score; acting games for developing confident performers; composition activities; and dance suggestions.



Three Little Nativities – for 3 to 5 year olds (Published by Harper Collins)

Three retellings of the Nativity story, carefully planned to lead young children through successful impromptu musical performances – perfect for an end-of-term celebration in class or in front of parents. Approximate playing time for each: 15 – 20 minutes.

The Plays: “Christmas Eve in the Toy Shop”/ “Born in Bethlehem”/ “The Christmas Star” – “Christmas Eve in the Toy Shop” was written by me.

The Complete Performance Pack: contains every thing you need – for music readers and non-music readers alike:
Book with: /Preparatory activities for the lead-up to Christmas/ Scripts and Songs/
CDs (2) with: Complete performances of each mini-musical/ Backing tracks to support your own performances.


Curtain Up! Series – (Published by Harper Collins)

Can be used in many different ways – for reading and performance, with a small group or large cast. The scripts may be repeatedly photocopied and include tips and practical advise on staging and performance. Specially written for 7 – 11 year olds, but can be enjoyed by a wider age range.

Approximate playing time – 45 – minutes for each play.



Written in the best pantomime tradition, with lots of funny character parts and some splendidly silly and singable songs, the story moves along at a rollicking pace. Despite the outrageous behaviour of the Ugly Sisters, Raviola and Semolina, the Fairy Godmother makes absolutely sure that Cinderella goes to the Ball…



Noah’s Ark

It’s desperately crowded on the Ark, and it’s all Noah can do to keep the menagerie afloat… Includes four energetic songs set to music.



The Emperor’s New Clothes

In this story, full of jokes and songs, the Emperor is an outrageous fashion victim who just has to have the very latest things to wear for the Grand Parade! And that’s when Fishweedle and Bogus appear on the scene, with their entrancing new Polyfabuloso cloth…



Sleeping Beauty

There are roles for everybody in this stage version of one of our best-loved fairytales. Principal Boy, slapstick comedy – but not without darker moments, Sleeping Beauty is the perfect pantomime.



Let’s Go To London – (Published by Harper Collins – White Wolves: Playscripts)

A humorous play set in Tudor times with parts for six people.

A random group of travellers meet on the riverbank one morning, all heading for London. But when the ferryman is too drunk to take them across the river, there’s only one thing for it – they must walk! Little do they know what an adventure it will be.

Published in consultation with the Centre for Literacy in Primary Education, it is a play in the “White Wolves” series selected to match developing reading skills.



Cruel Times – (Published by Hodder Children’s Books – Hodder Wayland Plays)

The play is ideal for class reading and/or assemblies or drama performances. It can be performed with the minimum of experience or resources. Sissy, a kitchen maid, is robbed by a gang of urchins. Her family faces destitution ….until she meets Charles Dickens. A story of rich and poor set in Queen Victoria’s Britain.



Humble Tom’s Big Trip – (Published by Hodder Children’s Books – Hodder Wayland Plays)

A short, illustrated dramatization which can be used for class reading, assemblies or drama performances. Humble Tom, a shepherd boy, leaves his country home to see the world. Will he survive the rickety roads, the disgusting diseases, the city crooks and the foul tasting pottage? This farce is set in Tudor times around King Henry V111’s journey to the Field of the Cloth of Gold.




Three mini-musicals for Key Stage One with a complete performance pack containing everything you need for each musical, including two CDs. Three seasonal stories planned to lead young children through successful musical performances – perfect for an end-of-term celebration in class or in front of parents.


Ready –to-use assemblies for whole-class performances. Develop in class and show off in assembly. Curriculum-based activities. Links to SEAL and literacy units. Supported by audio CD.

CLASS ASSEMBLIES 1 amazon-logo

Four complete mini-performances including The Awongalema Tree, by Kaye Umansky.


Four more complete mini-performances including Tiddalik by Kaye Umansky

CLASS ASSEMBLES 3amazon-logo

Four complete mini-performancesincluding Robin Hood by Kaye Umansky



TERRIBLE TALES FROM SCHOOL – included in the Oxford Reading Tree TreeTops Reflect: Oxford Level 16

Have you ever noticed that everyone has a story about something
terrible that happened to them at school? Not me. I’ve got nothing.
It’s nice to have an untroubled life, but I sometimes wish I had just
one story to tell….


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