Author Visits

Kaye at the Bath Literary Festival

Kaye at the Bath Literary Festival

I visit schools, libraries, book fairs and what have you. Conferences are nice, though a bit scary because everyone is so well read. I can’t do that many events, otherwise I’d never get any writing done, but I enjoy it when I do. I need a fair bit of notice because people book ages in advance.

Most of my visits are arranged by the wonderful Authors Aloud UK agency: Contact details can be obtained by accessing their website –

I usually do hour long talks for Key Stage 1 or 2. I tell them about how and where I write, read out poems and extracts from books, thump about a bit and am quite noisy. I do a lot of interactive stuff with infants and will talk solemnly about the importance of research with the older ones. I answer questions and will happily sign torn off bits of paper which will be dropped in the playground. I will eat school dinner if necessary, but don’t offer blancmange.

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