20 things Good and Bad!


  1. Writing books for children
  2. Reading – any time, anywhere
  3. My family
  4. My friends
  5. My fans
  6. Animals – especially my cats
  7. Eating – especially cheese, though I shouldn’t
  8. Travel
  9. Kids who tell jokes
  10. Good comedy on the tele
  11. Kaye-20-Things-1Snow. We hardly get any in London, so I spend all winter sulking
  12. Holidays by the sea. That’s because I was brought up in Devon
  13. The colour Red
  14. High heeled shoes
  15. Going to the cinema
  16. Broccoli
  17. Libraries. They’re free!
  18. Coming home after being away
  19. Playing games like cards and Scrabble but only when I win
  20. Lying in a hammock on a tropical island with a book and a pretty drink with an umbrella in – O,K. that’s 21 things, but who’s counting?


  1. Drizzle
  2. Kaye - 20 Things 2Oysters/kidneys/liver/baboon’s bum/pink blancmange
  3. Wars and people being mean to each other
  4. Waiting for a bus in the rain, without a book to read
  5. Being ill in bed
  6. Crocodiles. Sorry, don’t like ‘em. Brrr
  7. Saying goodbye to people I love
  8. My house catching on fire (it did, once!)
  9. Arguments, especially ones I lose
  10. Monopoly. I’ve played it once too often
  11. Losing my purse/car keys/knickers
  12. Trying to read a map and drive at the same time
  13. The cats getting ill. Or people
  14. Slugs. Sorry, don’t like ‘em either
  15. Scratchy jumpers that make you hot. With a horrible pattern on
  16. When I get all my warm clothes on, plus boots, then go out and it’s stopped snowing
  17. Intolerance
  18. Forgetting the punch line of a really good joke
  19. Jumping out of an aeroplane. Never have, never will
  20. Nightmares about being chased by slugs/crocodiles who want to force feed me pink

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